Hello.  My name is Carrie, and I’m a sugar addict.

I love food.  All of it.  Well, except bell peppers.  But I especially adore sugar.

A few years ago, I gained A LOT of weight.  I also was diagnosed with Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).  Sugar is my mortal enemy.  Except that I love it.  I’d marry it if I wasn’t already hitched to the coolest kid in town.  Just goes to show you, you don’t always love what’s good for you, right?

So I quit sugar. I balanced my hormones.  I lost A LOT of weight.  I got happier.  But before I did any of that I still had figure out a way to make the food  that I love, in a way that my body could handle.

Here is what I learned along the way about (mostly) grain-free, sugar-free, gluten-free cooking.  I hope it helps.


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  1. This is your favorite friendly neighborhood twins saying hello and doing their jobs being excellent stalkers ;) ps- We finally started watching Community. <3

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