Ginger Limeade

In college, my roommate/life-long friend/soulmate/partner-in-crime, bought a juicer.  We’ll call my friend Abby.  We’ll call the juicer “The Juicer”.  So, Abby bought The Juicer and juiced every day for at least a month straight, and then fairly regularly for a couple of years after that.   Carrot apple juice was her favorite recipe, but I’m positive it was due to the cost effectiveness of a 10 lb bag of carrots sweetened with an apple combined with college student poverty.  We experimented with different veggie juices which we tried REALLY HARD to enjoy and failed.  We made disgusting soups and juiced any kind of produce we could get our hands on.  (*Note: Broccoli and tomato with lemon juice is wretched.  Also, honey makes it worse.)

Abby was an awesome roomie.  She would make juice most mornings before we each headed off to work and/or school.  Ginger was and still is her favorite food accessory.  The carrot apple juice Abby made for me was usually spiked with a healthy amount of raw ginger which burned my mouth and my stomach.  Abby would flutter into the bathroom as I styled my hair and put on my make-up bearing a glass of spicy juice which I would chug if I could tolerate the burn.  See, Abby loves spicy foods.  She craves them all the time in every culinary medium.  I don’t.  I enjoy a hint of spice, even a slow, gentle burn.  But not the kind that brings one to tears or scorches the mouth and stomach. This began my EXTREME AVERSION to ginger and The Juicer.  But not to Abby.  Never to Abby.  But Abby’s juice was often poured down the drain or flushed down the toilet while she wasn’t looking.  I didn’t have the heart to crush my juice-fairy friend’s feelings back then.  Clearly I have no such qualms now.

After giving up sugar and embarking on my Ayurveda journey, I decided to get brave and try fresh ginger again.  And guess what?  I can’t get enough of it.  Ginger is full of healing properties.  It increases digestive power, it stimulates metabolism, and detoxifies the body.  It also tastes great in things like pie and chocolate, if you’re into that kind of thing.  But my favorite medium these days is in carbonated water after dinner.  I drink this after dinner and about an hour before bed.  It curbs my snacky evening cravings, sends my pancreas a clear signal to shut the hell down, and gives my digestion a boost just before active liver time (10pm – 2am) while I get the most important sleep of the evening.  I also love to sip on it during the day as a refresher.

Don’t be jealous of my sexy 1950’s pink counter top. Not everyone can be *this* lucky.

2-3 limes, juiced
2-3 Tbsp grated ginger, plus juice
40-50 drops NuNaturals Stevia
1 liter chilled natural sparkling water, or hot water

1) Grate ginger into a small dish.
2) Add lime juice.
3) Pour mixture over mesh strainer, gently pressing the remaining pulp to get all the juice through the strainer.  You can also squeeze the pulp with your fist to remove any excess liquid.
4) Add stevia and the ginger lime juice to sparkling water and enjoy!
(Gin is optional, but won’t help your liver function.)

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