So You Think You Can Cook

Well, so did I…for about the first day of preparing for this blog.  The ideas came rushing in with instant lists of dishes I’ve wanted to make for ages but just never got around to composing.  Dishes I dreamed about, read about, and dared to believe that I might be able to master.

Somehow, I managed to forget that mastering a dish takes a ridiculous amount of prepping and tweaking, burning and cleaning.  It takes time and practice to get it  just right.  And by just right, I really mean mostly edible.  I can’t promise that you’ll be able to replicate everything perfectly every time, but I can promise that I will do my best to make recipes as simple to follow as possible so you can enjoy the process of making and sharing delicious food.

Before we go any farther though, I want to establish some clear expectations:

Things you will find on this site:
Plenty of chocolate
Short stories
Recipes for food I like
Pictures of food I like and occasionally food I make
Healthy Eating Tips
Ayurvedic Nutrition and Lifestyle
Links to articles that may or may not relate to food
Crappy iPhone pictures and ugly pink countertops
At least one recipe involving kale

Things you won’t find on this site:
Low-fat anything
Splenda or any artificial sweetners
Gluten (with the rare Ezekiel Bread exception)
Pleas for money
Professional photos
Judgment of you or where you’re coming from
Apologies to your family when you chuck all of your processed foods as a direct result of what you read here
Bacon cupcakes
Vegans (though I will try to give modifiers when possible)
Bobby Flay

I hope we’re clear on everything now.  Check back next week for my very first recipe for my very favorite dessert: Nutella Torte.  In the mean time, be sure to read my list of Favorite Ingredients so you can stock your pantry.

3 thoughts on “So You Think You Can Cook

  1. ugh the other day i was commenting that bloggers that post “healthy” recipes subbing sugar with something from a yellow packet drive me nutty! so good for you

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